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Commissions & Artwork

Darren produces a variety of collections and sale items as well as commission pieces on request, if you like any of the items below please enquire regarding prices, availability and shipping and Darren will contact you directly.

Weeping Roo

Weeping Roo, 2020 Castaways finalist was sold at 2021's Castaways and another emu was commissioned as a duo, sold to a private collector. 

Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo

Commissioned in 2023 as a surprise birthday present by private collector


This Western Rock Lobster now resides at Southerlies Harbour View Bar and Restaurant in Port Denison, WA,

It could be said that lobster fishing, built Port Denison.

Molly Mu

Standing proud at Rockingham beach 2021 finalist in the Castaways sculpture awards.
She was sold during the event to a local resident.